500 MHz - 50 GHz



  • .5-50 GHz Frequency Coverage
  • Band Pass or Band Reject Filter Types
  • USB Interface
  • Ethernet Interface
Test Equipment
Test Sets
Production Test

The MLBF-Series Bench test filters are ideal for production test sets, laboratory tests and test equipment racks where filtering of microwave signals is essential. These bench top filter assemblies provide either Bandpass or Bandreject (notch) filter types depending on application. Frequency coverage is dependent on which production filter type is chosen. Frequency coverage for Bandpass models range from 500 MHz to 50 GHz while the Bandreject models cover 500 MHz to 20 GHz. Each bench top filter assembly consists of a YIG-Tuned filter chosen by the user, Heat sink, compensated driver, power supply, cooling fans, keyboard, display, USB interface, Ethernet interface and a manual
tuning knob. Components are housed in a 10” wide, 4” height, 13” deep enclosure with mounting feet and handle.

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